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By accessing and using the Site, the Internet user (hereinafter known as the “User”) acknowledges having read these GCU, declares to accept them without reserve and agrees to comply with them.

1. Scope 

This Site is intended to provide Users with general information on clinical studies conducted on autistic spectrum disorders by Les Laboratoires Servier. Please note that we do not publish or provide any services aimed at children.

In particular, Les Laboratoires Servier makes health information available to Users, in compliance with the specific legal and regulatory requirements that apply to pharmaceutical laboratories and in particular, the provisions of the French public health code.

However, it is specified that the Site is not a medical device or telemedicine. Consequently, the information shown should not be considered as a medical opinion or diagnosis or replace a medical consultation with a healthcare professional.

Similarly, this information should not be interpreted as the promotion or advertisement of products, whether or not they are marketed by Les Laboratoires Servier or legal entities in its group. For information about any of these products, we ask Users to contact Les Laboratoires Servier, the marketing authorisation holder (MAH), directly about the product concerned.

2. Intellectual property

All of the content available on the Site, including, but not limited to, the texts, graphics, pictograms, images, photographs, drawings, sounds, audio and video data, as well as the tree structure of the Site, the navigational plan, logos, the design and organisation of sections, their titles, databases, their structure and their content, trademarks (hereinafter known as “the Contents”) are the exclusive property of Les Laboratoires Servier, and/or where appropriate its licensors or partners and are, to this end, protected by intellectual property law or by the provisions relating to image rights.

Only copying for private use is permitted in accordance with the intellectual property code.

Consequently, any commercial use, representation, distribution, reproduction, adaptation, translation, transformation, in whole or in part, by any process whatsoever, of the Site and/or its components, any sharing of the Content of the Site as well as any transfer to another website without the prior written consent of Les Laboratoires Servier are strictly prohibited, in accordance with article L.122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code.

All requests for permission to reproduce or use the Site Content should be sent to Les Laboratoires Servier, at the following address:

In addition, the trademarks and logos on the Site are registered trademarks and may not be used without the express permission of the owner. To this end, their usage, reproduction, distribution and redistribution, in whole or in part, from parts of the Site, without the prior written consent of their owner constitutes an infringement as defined by articles L713-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

In any event, the User agrees to retain and copy each copyright notice or proprietary rights notice shown in any part of the Site that they use.

3. Processing of Personal Data

Les Laboratoires Servier, in its capacity of data controller as defined by amended Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, computer data files and personal rights (the so-caller “French Data Protection Act”), is required to collect and process the personal data of Users of the Site, for the purposes described in the document: Personal Data Protection Policy accessible via the following URL:

The User is informed that their personal data are transmitted to the departments and staff of Les Laboratoires Servier and other legal entities of the Servier Group which have a need-to-know;

The suppliers and service providers of Les Laboratoires Servier, especially those responsible for hosting and constructing the Site; may have access to the personal data of Users for purposes strictly necessary for performing their task.

In accordance with current regulations, Les Laboratoires Servier agrees to only store personal data of Users for the duration needed to fulfill the intended purposes.

Les Laboratoires Servier may be required to store the Personal Data of Users for longer, in accordance with what is permitted or prescribed by the relevant law, or to the extent that this would be necessary for the protection of their rights and interests.

Following this period, the personal data will be deleted or archived in accordance with relevant statutory regulations.

In accordance with the provisions of amended Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 information technology, computer data files and personal rights (the so-caller “French Data Protection Act”), every User has the:

  • Right to view and access, update, complete and rectify their personal data;
  • Right to erasure and deletion of their personal data under the conditions defined by the applicable regulations and legislation;
  • Right to withdraw, at any time, their consent to collect their personal data;
  • Right to object to the processing of all or part of their personal data;
  • Right to restrict the processing of their personal data;
  • Right to portability and the transfer of personal data in a structured, regularly used, machine-readable format, when processing is carried out by automated means and based on their consent; 
  • Right to define the fate of their data after their death and to choose a third-party to whom Les Laboratoires Servier should or should not share it with.

Each of these rights can be exercised by sending a request to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to the following addresses attaching a valid copy of identification for the sole purpose of verifying your identify (on the understanding that this photocopy will not be kept following complete identity verification:

  • using the contact form available on the Site through which the User is asked to fill in their name and contact details so that they can receive a response, or
  • by email to:
  • by post, to the following address:

Monsieur le Délégué à la Protection des Données
Data Protection Officer
Les Laboratoires Servier
50, rue Carnot
92284 Suresnes Cedex

All information relating to the processing of the User’s personal data are defined in the Personal data protection policy accessible via the following URL:

4. Cookies

Users are informed that, while browsing the Site, information can be stored on their browser or recovered from it, generally in the form of cookies. This information may relate to the User, the type of browser used, their browsing preferences, the Site (pages viewed, date and time of connection, etc.), or their device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and are mainly used to ensure the proper functioning of the Site.

The cookies do not allow Les Laboratoires Servier to personally identify Users, but to collect, in general, information during their visit to the Site and allow them to benefit from a personalised web experience.

Les Laboratoires Servier agrees not to disclose the content of these cookies to third-parties, unless required to do so by a judicial or administrative authority. When connected to the Site, the User is expressly asked to accept the use of cookies present on the Site.

Similarly, when the User clicks on social media icons (such as, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) on the Site, and if the User consents to the installation of cookies by continuing to browse, these social networks can also install cookies on their device.

The User can block the use of all or some of the cookies or delete the cookies already installed on their browser:

  • either through the cookie management configurator available at #cookies to obtain details about each category of cookies used and/or installed on the Site, and to manage their preferences;
  • or by changing their browser settings through the help menu of the Internet browser used (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opéra, etc.), in particular to accept or reject all cookies, to receive notification when a cookie is issued, to view the expiry, duration and content, and to periodically delete cookies.

Blocking certain cookies or deleting them is likely to affect or make access to certain features or pages on the Site impossible or make certain services offered on the Site inaccessible, for which Les Laboratoires Servier shall not be held responsible.

For more information about cookies, refer to out specific cookie policy.

5. Use of Site

Users agree to use the Site:

  • in accordance with its intended purpose;
  • for private use, excluding any commercial or promotional activity or for professional, promotional, marketing or commercial purposes;
  • with due regard for copyright and any other type of intellectual property rights, notably by retaining each copyright notice or proprietary rights notice indicated in any part of the Site used;
  • without using a robot or any other automated means to access and use the contents of the Site, and without trying to interfere with the Site;
  • without any attempt to copy or reproduce it, in whole or in part, make accessible or distribute or share it by any means whatsoever to unauthorised third-parties.

Furthermore, the information provided on the Site is non-binding and should not be considered as offers of services or products.

It does not under any circumstances constitute an assertion, a guarantee or a commitment from Les Laboratoires Servier regarding the products and services shown.

The User is further informed that the information published on the Site should not be considered medical advice and should not replace advice from a doctor. Consequently, the user must not under any circumstance use this information to make a medical diagnosis or recommend treatment, and should consult a healthcare professional authorised to conduct a medical examination.

Les Laboratoires Servier shall not be held responsible for any decision taken based on the information contained on the Site, or the possible use of this by third-parties.

It should also be noted that it is incumbent on each user of the Site to take all appropriate measures to protect and secure their own data and/or software from any intrusion or contamination from viruses circulating on the Internet.

6. Accuracy and completeness of the information on the Site

All information provided to the Users on the Site is provided “as is” with no guarantee of any kind, whether expressly or tacitly, this includes, but is not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, suitability for a particular use or non-infringement.

Les Laboratoires Servier shall endeavor to ensure, to the best of its ability, the accuracy and the up-to-dateness of information published on the Site, at the time of posting.

However, it does not guarantee in any way the accuracy, comprehensiveness, precision or completeness of the information and contents made available to Users on the Site and reserves the right to amend or correct. at any time and without prior notice, the content of the information and documents published Site.

In fact, Les Laboratoires Servier accepts no responsibility for any imprecision, inaccuracy, omission or amendment relating to the information available on the Site, particularly in the event of regulatory or legal provisions, as well as for all damages resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third-party, especially when it could lead to a change to the information made available on the Site.

In this regard, Les Laboratoires Servier is not responsible for the content of these pages and the possible use of this by the User, i.e. for any direct or indirect damage caused from access or use of the Site by anyone or not being able to access it.

7. Amendment of the Site

Les Laboratoires Servier reserves the right to amend the contents of the Site and the data or information accessible through the Site as well as these General Conditions of Use, notably in order to comply with any new standard, law and/or applicable regulation and/or in order to improve the performance of the Site.

In this case, the amended General Conditions of Use shall enter into force the date they are posted online.

Therefore, it is recommended that the User keeps regularly informed about the General Conditions of Use on the Site.

8. Availability of the Site

Les Laboratoires Servier shall endeavor to keep the Site accessible to Users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, Les Laboratoires Servier cannot guarantee the continuous availability and accessibility of the Site.

To this end, Les Laboratoires Servier reserves the right to temporarily terminate, restrict, suspend or interrupt, in part or completely, access to the Site, its features, or all or part of the services offered on the Site, at any time, without prior notice or compensation, for any reason whatsoever, especially for technical maintenance reasons, in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, IT problems, difficulties related to the structure of the communication networks or any other technical difficulties.

Notwithstanding all means implemented by Les Laboratoires Servier and its technical service providers, the User is informed of the lack of reliability over the Internet, especially in terms of relative security in data transfer, the lack of a guarantee that the Site will be continuously accessible, and that performance is not guaranteed in terms of the volume and speed of data transmission and spread of viruses. It is also specified that the Internet network and the IT and telecommunications systems are not free from errors and that interruptions and faults may occur.

Consequently, Les Laboratoires Servier provides no guarantee in this regard and therefore shall not be held responsible for any damage inherent to the said uses of the Internet network and IT and telecommunications systems, including, but not limited to:

– incorrect transmission and/or receipt of any data and/or information over the Internet;
– external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses;
– failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines;
– any other malfunction of the Internet network preventing the proper functioning of the Site.

9. Responsibility of Les Laboratoires Servier

Les Laboratoires Servier shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, such as, including, but not limited to, any loss or corruption of data, loss of programs, profits, of use, sustained by a User or any third-party, resulting from access to the Site, browsing the Site, the content of the Site, use of the Site and associated sites, or from not being able to use the content, information and services offered through the Site by the Users.

In particular, Les Laboratoires Servier accepts no responsibility for damages of any nature resulting from:

  • typing errors or layout, imprecision, inaccuracies or omissions from the information accessible on the Site;
  • fraudulent intrusion by a third-party, resulting in changes to information, documents or elements available on the Site;
  • access of anyone to the Site or from not being able to access the Site;
  • failure or malfunction or the incompatibility of the User’s IT equipment;
  • interruption in the access networks to the Site, total or partial unavailability of the Site resulting notably from telecommunication operations;
  • spreading or introduction of computer viruses, Trojan horses, to, via the Site which may affect the User’s IT equipment;
  • credit given to any information originating directly or indirectly from the Site, its use or use of product which it refers to.

Les Laboratoires Servier accepts no responsibility, express or implied, if the use of the information on the Site should contravene a patent, copyright or a registered trademark.

10. Responsibility of the User

In case of distribution of contents on the Site by the User, of any nature whatsoever, the User agrees, subject to liability, not to behave or make statements contrary to the law, public order and public decency, that are harmful, defamatory or discriminatory, threatening towards an individual or a group of people, in violation of copyright, image rights, privacy of others, medical confidentiality or correspondence.

In general, the User agrees to behave respectfully, especially with regard to other members of the Site.

The User is informed that if requested by competent authorities, Les Laboratoires Servier is permitted to transmit any login details allowing identification of the User if the latter appears to be at the origin of unlawful content or conduct.

11. Hyperlinks

This Site may contain links to other websites published by third-parties.

Moreover, the presence of a hyperlink to a third-party site by no means constitutes validation of this site or its content by Les Laboratoires Servier.

Les Laboratoires Servier has no control over these third-party sites and accepts no responsibility for the content of these sites and the possible usage from this by any User.

Moreover, Les Laboratoires Servier shall not be held responsible for any information, opinions and recommendations formulated by third-parties.

The User accesses and uses third-party websites under their sole and complete responsibility, at their own risk and in accordance with the applicable terms of use on the aforementioned sites.

Consequently, it is recommended that Users check the conditions of use and privacy policies before providing personal information.

12. Applicable law

These GCU are governed by French law in both form and substance. Any dispute will be brought before the competent courts of Paris (France).

The application of conflict-of-law rules, which would restrict the full application of the French law, is hereby excluded. Consequently, French law shall apply to any User browsing the Site using all or part of its features.

In case of a discrepancy between the information presented in the French version of the Site and the English version of the Site, the information presented in the French version of the Site will prevail.

13. Legal notice:

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