What is a clinical study?

A clinicaI study is conducted with human volunteers. It is carried out to test a medicine or a medical device. Such studies are designed to provide data on whether a treatment is safe and effective.

Why are clinical studies important?

A clinical study is intended to improve the knowledge about the medicine’s safety and efficacy.

Before a medicine can be placed on the market, several clinical studies should be conducted. Clinical studies are used to assess the benefits and risks of a medicine.

Then results are provided to Medicines Agencies. With these results, Medicines Agencies will decide whether a medicine is effective and safe for patients.

How are clinical studies conducted?

In general, a study doctor leads the clinical trial. A research team is also involved. The team may include other doctors, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals.
It can take place in many locations (hospitals, universities, doctors’ offices, etc.). The location depends on who is conducting the study.